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The logo is a kind of visible mark, abstract and symbol which signifies an organization. It is a kind of visual entity and is an essential part of graphic design. It is a problematic and significant area of graphic designing. Many companies use it to increase brand awareness and gain the attention of customers in the market. It also helps customers to recognize and remember your business or product. The logo must be simple and effective at large and small scales. It can be descriptive and symbolic. Tekyul does precisely that, with the expert designers we can portray your message creatively on your logo. The fonts and color used to create a logo can describe or represent an idea.

Iconic logo

These are merely shapes or icons which are easily recognizable. Literally or abstractly it represents your product, brand or business with you are dealing. These are also called as symbolic logos.

Typographic logo

These are known as logotypes or word marks. When creating a printed logo, there are lots of options available because there are thousands of fonts. Your logo looks unique and stylish depending on the kind of font you choose.

Combination logos

These are the most common type of logo which we see in our daily life. It combines the company name or product with a unique and stylish icon. There is an excellent advantage of combination logos as it combines both icon and word marks.

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