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TEKYUL deals in cctv cameras and all types of security system. we also provide cctv installation and repair service. TEKYUL have expertise in conferring customized Security & Surveillance solutions.


We offer video Survillance as well as audio systems such as two-way communication systems command systems and cctv camera with audio record.CCTV camera is not only the most popular but also the most trusted security equipment when it comes to monitoring and surveillance. CCTV cameras are important part of security system. This one of the reasons you can easily find CCTV camera installed even at public places. 

CCTV Installation

Tekyul do all kind of CCTV camera installation services Delhi and NCR. Our service to the client is one of a kind and extraordinary. We use only industry-leading technology and products. We have the wide variety of options available for your Home or Office.

Mobile View Setup

Tekyul setup mobile view setup for your mobile phone to see you CCTV cameras. Whether you CCTV cameras at home or office, location does not matter. We will make you to watch your live CCTV view from anywhere in the world.

GPS Tracking System

Tracking GPS device for navigation, Carried by a moving vehicle or person, Global uses Positioning System to track the device’s movements and determine its for almost exact Location.

Service & Support

We are best security service provider in Delhi NCR and we assure that you secure. We provide Service by phone, or over chat on whats app. Promises made by weak, where security matters, our services speak.



Tekyul Technology deals in cctv cameras and all types of security system in muzaffarnagar. we also provide cctv installation and repair service in muzaffarnagar. Master Security System have expertise in conferring customized Security & Surveillance solutions equipped with the latest technology to all projects undertaken within the Hospitality Service and Manufacturing Sectors, in PAN India.Our processes are eternally revised for embracing state-of-the-art techniques to deliver innovative, reliable, and cost-effective security solutions to meet growing business’ needs.


CCTV camera is one of the easiest ways to keep an eye over the area required to be kept under surveillance. CCTV cameras provide security to your home and business, as business or homes installed with CCTV cameras are less likely to get intruded or robbed. Thieves, intruders and trespassers avoid such buildings as they know their identity and action will be captured.Apart from providing security it also, provides you the benefits of monitoring. You can easily identify how many people visiting your business. You can track your employees; keep watch on them to make sure they aren’t going through any mail practice. It gives extra edge to your security personnel who can easily monitory the activities within the range of camera.

Tekyul Provide high Quality Security Systems

Tekyul Technology provide CCTV in Muzaffarnagar. We providing complete range of CCTV installation in Muzaffarnagar,  CCTV in Salem, & CCTV for schools ,CCTV for Hospitals, CCTV for shops, CCTV for homes.
CCTV DEALER in Muzaffarnagar, GPS Tracking system in Muzaffarnagar.

Incorporated in the year 2017, we are identified as reliable Dealer, Installer and service provider of a CCTV Camera in Muzaffarnagar, security and safety solutions, CCTV installation in Muzaffarnagar to various industries. Besides offering a large number of safety solutions, we also offer CCTV products in Muzaffarnagar, various Security Solution in Noida and Muzaffarnagar software companies. Our product ranges covers a  large spectrum that comprises of both hardware and software solutions to provide highest level of security.

Tekyul Technology  is a security solution company specializing in quality and high resolution CCTV systems and surveillance software for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We have customers all over the India and to more than 20 cities All over India with head Office in Noida and Muzaffarnagar.

We offer customers value for money surveillance systems with a highly reliable video management software across all industries such as gasoline stations, convenience shops, hotels, public establishments, security providers, construction sites, educational institutions, banking and finance and many others.

Our team is composed of the development group and professional specialists with a vast experience in all sectors of the industry. We produce quick turnaround sound solutions unique to the client’s security requirements aiming in improving their business profitability and growth by eliminating the security issues.

With intuitive and proven software and hardware systems founded on solid business acuity, we offer a simplified and streamlined security and video management.

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