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TekYul is equipped with expert Web designers who are not only experienced but are incredibly talented and creative. These traits help Tekyul to create unique and attractive graphical presentations to our clients

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We are India’s youngest and innovative web developers and designers. We design a wide range of Websites ranging from Single page site to Giant eCommerce sites. We preferably use Worlds most popular frameworks for our websites such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and PrestaShop.Whatever the Sites or CMS, it should be fluid to show on all modern devices. We are always performing Responsive designs to our sites to make sure to display all the contents and banners without any distractions to the users. The navigations will be makeover the contents of non-responsive designs. But we have regular standards for designing Responsive designs.We always strive to provide our quality service to our customers. The quality and timely delivery make us the most trusted brand of India. We have the team of testers with most advanced testing mechanism leading to Six Sigma and lean concepts. We test the websites on all the modern devices before delivery. The test process includes testing the websites on Desktops of sizes 24″ Inches, 21″ inches, 18.5″ inches, and 15″ inches. The laptop screen sizes we used to test on 12″ inches, 14 inches and 15″ inches.



Web designing consists of creating the layouts of the webpage, slicing and then converting PSD files into a coding language like HTML or CSS for further process. It requires a lot of skills and experience to do so. The UI and UX design enhance your site look and help to create a good impression on customers. The success of any app or website is based on its design. If the users are unable to know how to interact with your site, then they will leave. The primary goal of UI/UX is to present an optimized design to customers.It is risky to select and seek a trustworthy company for the mentioned services. So we TekYul Texnologiya, a business-driven firm are working in different fields of product development. We are experienced and keeping the trust of customers for a long time. You will find a blend of imagination, innovation and a group of talented leaders who are working to provide the services at best. We take your problem as ours and then create the appropriate solution keeping in mind your wants and needs. Show your trust once on us, and we promise that you will get what you want. It is our responsibility and utmost duty to do so.



There are many steps involved in designing a website. But converting the PSD file to HTML is considered as an essential step in web designing. In this article, we will discuss the process of converting a PSD file into HTML. And how can Tekyul help their clients by providing expert PSD to HTML designs.If you have any idea of coding, then try coding the HTML file by yourself. This will be your first approach to self-coding if you have some technical skills. You can learn the necessary tags in HTML to explore more and handle the conversion job with your coding skills. But, don’t take the burden of designing your website all by yourself, because with Tekyul on your side you can just relax and sip your juices while we construct the best website for you with brilliance and excellence.

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​We Convert PSD/Sketch To Responsive WordPress Websites We, the team experts at Tekyul convert your PSD to WordPress to make a unique and lively website. We transform your pixel-perfect designs into the W3C compliant, fast loading, responsive WordPress CMS theme and make the website visitors stay and patronize your products and services. Each design page undergoes insightful analytics, extensive discussions with the clients and modifications accordingly.

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