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Your website will be developed in a test environment using the very latest CSS and HTML techniques and will be compatible with mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.


The main reason to build Angular Js is to create user interfaces and connect the software components by using the declarative programming. But the imperative programming is used to define the business logic of the applications. The traditional HTML can be extended by adapting to the framework to provide the dynamic content by two-way data binding. It will allow the automatic synchronization of views and models.The MVC pattern is implemented by the Angular Js to separate the presentation of data and logical components. The angular has brought the server side services traditionally with the use of dependency injection. The server-side services are view-dependent controllers and client-side web applications. Such burdens on the online server can be reduced consequently by using Angular JS. The primary goal of Angular Js is to improve the testability and performance of the web applications.


ASP.NET MVC gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns and that gives you full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development. ASP.NET MVC includes many features that enable fast, TDD-friendly development for creating sophisticated applications that use the latest web standards.The ASP.NET MVC framework is a lightweight, highly testable presentation framework that (as with Web Forms-based applications) is integrated with existing ASP.NET features, such as master pages and membership-based authentication. The MVC framework is defined in the System.Web.Mvc assembly.


We at Tekyul always strive hard to provide our customers with a quality service, Time-bounded, Innovative solutions to fulfil their requirements. Hence we use CakePHP framework as a prefered Web Framework for developing websites.There are tons and tons of web frameworks available today in Web Market. But we prefer to use CakePHP because of its unique feature called MVC (Model View Control) programmed by PHP and driven by Ruby on Rails. The PHP is Hypertext PreProcessor, The most advanced Server-side scripting programs in the world used more than thousands of Frameworks including CakePHP.Generally, other PHP frameworks use WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) which is very simple and not the most advanced method. But here, We use “Model View Control” which is a booming architecture where it is classified into three integral parts. The Model, The View & Control, The User. The Model is what we develop with CakePHP, The View is the layout which we show to our customers, The User is our valuable customers who look at the layout and provide feedback. Based on the Feedback from the user we used to modify the layout of Website. The process taking from User to Developer is Control.


While some may surmise that including another post in WordPress is very clear as crystal, numerous fledglings discover the interface somewhat overpowering. Also, even the more shrewd clients are amazed to locate the concealed diamonds on the posts screen. In this present learner’s guide, we will demonstrate to you each component on the include new post screen with the goal that you can completely use every one of the highlights accessible.Visual Editor is a fledgling benevolent word processor with designing catches and a decent visual format for content zone. Then again, word processor is a plain content tool where you can really observe the HTML or compose your own.In the footer zone of the substance editorial manager, WordPress will demonstrate to you the word mean your post. On the off chance that you need to get significantly more itemized word forget about details, at that point check our instructional exercise on the most proficient method to get word include details WordPress with Word Stats.


Appropriate from its commencement, PHP was broadly used to create electronic applications. Since PHP is a scripting dialect, one must take after a few principles while creating.PHP, the admired server-side scripting dialect, is acclaimed for its utilization in Web improvement. In the first place discharged in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, it has been utilized by any semblance of WordPress and Facebook and purportedly is utilized as a part of 82 percent of sites whose server-side programming dialect is known, as per W3Techs. The dialect is marginally behind Java in the PyPL Popularity of Programming Language file, and it positions 6th in the opponent Tiobe file. A high-performing update, PHP 7, is expected in 2015.“PHP is by a wide margin the most prominent Web advancement dialect,” says Andi Gutmans, CEO at PHP devices seller Zend Technologies. Josh Lockhart, a Web engineer at new Media Campaigns, and in addition a creator, underscores PHP’s little expectation to learn and adapt, simplicity of organization, and quick improvement cycle.


A wide variety of services are provided by Tekyul for the web development. We have the team of expert developers who are highly experienced in the developing industry. We try to fulfill the desires of the customers by offering the dynamic and skilled work. You can approach us for any kind of service and select the service depending upon your requirement. To maintain healthy relationships with our customers, we will try our best to offer the quality services.

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